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Episode 4: Oodles of Socks

Hi folks!  Episode 4 is ready for your viewing pleasure.  Show notes can be found on the LoveSockWool Podcast ravelry group, in the episode 4 thread.

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Episode 3: An International Sock Yarn Incident

Show Notes for Episode 3:

Finished Object:

Sodermalm Light Hat by Maria Montzka of the Stitched in Sweden Podcast.  Knit Picks Stroll in Duchess Heather and Wonderland Heather

Works in Progress:

Plain Vanilla Socks 64 stitch cast on with 2.25mm Karbonz in Voolenvine Yarns Blitzed sock Octopus Garden

Plain Vanilla Socks 64 stitch cast on with Knit Picks Sunstruck 2.25mm needles Crazy Zauberball in Wolke 7 colorway

Plain Vanilla Socks 68 stitch cast on with Karbonz DPNs 2.25mm  Regia Super Jaquard in Colorway Kolibri

Swedish Spring Shawl by Maria Montzka in Voolenvine Yarns Blitzed in Pandora (Signature Needle Arts circular needle in 3.5mm)

Juliet’s Very Warm Starfish Hat knit with Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light in Turquoise Mix, and the lining knit with Fleece Artist Peter Rabbit, colorway Orchid

Stash Aquisitions:

Voolenvine Yarns Blitzed Sock in Faerie Hair

Regia Tweed 4-fadig colorway 00090

Regia Trend and Classic Tweed 100gm Weinrot (purchased from Ebay Francais)

Quaere Fibre Tweed Shamrocks and Rainbows

So what are YOU knitting?? Please go over to and join the LoveSockWool Podcast group and share your favorite WIPS!  Keep knitting socks!  Love, Sara

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Episode 2: crazy for stroll colorwork

Well, knitters, here I am again trying to record a wee little podcast.  If you love sock knitting, and knitting in general, I hope you’ll grab a cup of coffee or tea, and all your sock wips, and join me for some knitterly sock chatter.  Show notes can be found on ravelry at the Lovesockwool Podcast group under the episode thread.  Please feel free to join the group and share the love of sock knitting (and all other knitting things too!)


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Opal Knee High Socks!!!!

Opal Knee High Socks!!!!

Oh how I wish I could keep these. I would wear them to shreds, but they are a gift for another.

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December 19, 2013 · 7:52 pm

Fantastic Fiber Friday Follies

Hello Knitters of the World!  It’s been a few weeks since I blogged my knitting adventures.  Life has been just a bit crazy busy of late.  I have many eye-popping colorful yarny goodness to share today.  First up, is my Rainbows and Clouds sock yarn by Abi Grasso (knitpurlgirl on etsy).  Such vibrant wild staggering colors in this rainbow stripey sock yarn!! I canNOT wait to cast on. And isn’t that little rainbow stitch marker just darling???


I want to play with rainbows!!!! BUT, I must be a good girl and finish up this pair of socks.


Remember my Zitron Trekking Socks in Color #100?  I’m three rows away from the toe, so these babies will be done today!

This week I also finished up sock #1 Stimpylab Strong Sock in Angeleno.



How does Lynn dye these colors like that? It’s a mystery to me. 🙂

Here’s another Stimpylab sock I’ve got going.  This color is Vashon from the July 2013 Sock Club.  I’ve got #1 done and am working on the cuff of #2.


….and a closeup of #2


Words cannot describe the colors! Lynn is an artist.  Please go visit her shop and look at all her fun colorways.  She does custom orders so if you see something you want, send her a request!! Her next dye day is October 12th.  I’m maybe thinking of having her dye me up some Rave in a Haunted House for Halloween!

Annnnnnnd, on to the next project I have on the needles, and gasp!….it’s not a sock, or sock yarn…..It’s a cowl!!


This is the Eternity Scarf by Michelle Wang for Brooklyn Tweed. I’m knitting it in Malabrigo Worsted, colorway Polar Morn.  I’ve enjoyed this foray into non-sock knitting very much.  I forgot what it was like to knit with thicker yarn and bigger needles!! This pattern creates such a squishy huggable piece of heaven to wrap around your neck on cold days!  Don’t you want to just face-dive into that floofy texture? LOVE Malabrigo worsted!!! Definitely one of my favorite yarns ever!


I suppose I’m done for now.  I could show you more ridiculous projects I have going, but it would overwhelm you and me together.  Today is cloudy, chilly, and knittable. Have a great weekend and God Bless!

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Socktober Spooktacular!!

Just LOOK at the colors in this crazy awesome skein of Vesper Sock Yarn by Knitterly Things. It’s almost blinding! Socktober Spooktacular is a welcome addition to my humble stash.


Of course, I cast on as soon as the mailman left.


I’m so excited to have a stripey Halloweeny sock going on the needles.  I’ve wanted to try the vesper sock yarn for a long time, but have never been able to get my hands on a skein, since they fly out of the online shop with the speed of light.  I could justify casting on this fun sock immediately because I finished this pair, only moments before my vesper arrived in the mail.


Remember my Le Petit Prinz socks by Opal?  They were delightful to knit.  I’m not sure if I will keep them or gift them to a dear friend of mine.  We’ll see…..


Next up, I finally finished the Desert Dusk Socks in Claudia Handpainted Sock


It’s  a good feeling to get a few PAIRS done.  I’m notorious for having SSS (Second Sock Syndrome).  Oh, you’ve never heard of that? Oh, it’s real baby, and I’ve got it bad.  You should see my basket of lonely orphan socks just waiting for me to knit them a mate.  Someday….don’t rush me.  There’s too many fun yarns to acquire and play with.   I will grow up someday, but not yet.

And lastly, this beautiful skein is dyed by Lynn Tarbox of Stimpylab.  It’s the September Sock Club in Twilite.  I will be doing a blog post just on Stimpylab in the near future.  Her yarns are scrumptious! This is the Strong Sock base.



I believe that’s all I have to share today.  Happy Sock Knitting!!

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Sock Progress Friday!

Happy Friday, sock knitters and regular folk too! 🙂 Just thought I’d pop in and show some progress I’ve made on my socks this week.  First up are the Desert Dusk socks.


Claudia Handpainted Yarn in Desert Dusk. Pattern is Basic Ribbed Socks by Kate Atherley.

I’m past the gussets on these beauties and working down the foot.  The goal is to finish these by Saturday!

Next up are my Zitron Trekking Socks in color #100.


Zitron Trekking color #100.  Pattern is Susan B. Anderson’s How I Make My Socks Pattern. Basically a plain vanilla sock pattern that’s quick and easy!  I love SBA!!!

And last but not least, here are my beloved Opal Le Petit Prinz socks, also in Susan’s easy stockinette pattern.


I’m at the toe of this cute sock! How’s your sock knitting going? It’s finally starting to feel a teensy bit like fall here, and I love that.  Autumn always makes me feel like making soup, baking homemade bread and knitting socks of course!!! Chao!


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Desert Dusk Socks and more Opal…..

Happy Monday sock knitters!  More happy socks to share.  This is a basic ribbed sock (3×1 rib) in Claudia Handpainted Sock Yarn, that I purchased at the Yarnery in Saint Paul.  The yarnery is my favorite yarn shop in all the world.  It’s so well organized, and there’s a whole little room just for sock yarn!!  This particular pair of socks are for a friend of mine, whom I’ve been praying alot for.  These socks remind me to pray for her when I’m knitting. 🙂


Next up, I received (kinda by surprise), another skein of Opal sock yarn.  I scored this skein in another destash on  It’s part of the Vincent Van Gogh series.  This particular colorway is called Schlafzimmer in Arles or in english, the bedroom in arles.  I’m having fun collecting these limited edition colors by Opal.  Very much fun!


And here he is next to another Opal friend in the Fischer colorway.


I had kinda hoped the Fischer colorway would be more of a guy color, but when I took it out of the bag, I instantly loved it, but realized it has pink in it, and maybe not such a great guy sock choice.  However, in the Handwerk and Hobby series by Opal, there’s another colorway called Electrician and I have my sights on that one.  I’ll be hunting ebay for it soon. 🙂  That’s all for now folks.  Chao!

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Hi sock knitters! I just wanted to share some beautiful Opal sock yarn I received yesterday. (Via eBay!). This first one is one of the le petit prinz collection. (The little prince and the lantern) The le petit prinz is a French children’s book series that is very popular. I love it!


This next one is part of the hobby and handwerk series…..fisher.


The reason I was so crazy to try these yarns was because I was on Susan b. Anderson’s blog a while ago an she was posting all her socks she had on the needles and one or two were opal. She’s vowed to always have an opal sock on the needles and I will too!! :)) havea happy Saturday!

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first blog post ever!…..and it’s about socks of course.

Hello to all and any who are interested.  I decided it would be fun to share my love of sock knitting with the world at large.  So here goes… you can see in the pictures I have a rediculous amount of socks knit up, many of whom are orphans and need a mate.  Maybe if I blog about it, I’ll be inspired to knit all those second socks.



The sock on the needles is a quick plain vanilla sock in Zitron Trekking XXL (color #100).  I’ve had it in my stash forever and have always kinda hated it, then I was perusing ravelry and I saw that Susan B. Anderson had knit a pair in the same yarn, and so it inspired me to knit this up.  I knit alot of it, just in the car waiting line to pick up my kids at school.  Great commute knitting!

yesterday, I received these gorgeous hanks of sock yarn in the mail!  I scored it from a ravelry destash. (by the way I’m lovesockwool on rav).  It’s Claudia Handpainted Sock yarn in the Watermelon colorway.  Isn’t it a sweet hue?


I’m thinking another pair of vanilla socks are in order with this yumminess.

Another skein I’ve always longed to add to my stash is Dream in Color Smooshy’s Butter Peeps.


I’m thinking a nice squishy pair of Harris Tweed Socks would be a nice pattern to knit this deliciousness up into. 🙂

So, that’s all for now.  Are you a sock knitter?  If so, tell me what you have on the needles?  I think I usually have about 8 socks going at any given time, and I’m okay with that.  I used to feel guilty about it, but I’ve embraced the crazy. 🙂  Creating things is part of our God-given qualities and it should be celebrated.   I don’t know how often I’ll post on this blog, but I’ll try to regularly.  I’m a newbie.  Have a great weekend, and I hope it’s full of joy, sunshine and maybe some socks?

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September 6, 2013 · 4:35 pm