Episode 2: crazy for stroll colorwork

Well, knitters, here I am again trying to record a wee little podcast.  If you love sock knitting, and knitting in general, I hope you’ll grab a cup of coffee or tea, and all your sock wips, and join me for some knitterly sock chatter.  Show notes can be found on ravelry at the Lovesockwool Podcast group under the episode thread.  Please feel free to join the group and share the love of sock knitting (and all other knitting things too!)



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2 responses to “Episode 2: crazy for stroll colorwork

  1. bibo

    Hello Sara ! You are wonderful……you are inspiring me 🙂 love from germany

  2. bibo

    It’s me again. 🙂 i saw your Video an thought: what a nice Person! So lovely 🙂 and now i See you are a Christian. I saw it on twitter ….Me too….Sister 🙂 I’m born again too. Jesus died for me. He is my life. I’m a 42 year old mother oft a daughter 16 and a boy 9. I love to create things…by knitting….sewing etc. I live near by the north sea in germany ! One day we are knitting together in heaven 🙂 Kisses From bibo (Birgit) ×i think this message is only for your private reading 🙂 ×

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