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Fantastic Fiber Friday Follies

Hello Knitters of the World!  It’s been a few weeks since I blogged my knitting adventures.  Life has been just a bit crazy busy of late.  I have many eye-popping colorful yarny goodness to share today.  First up, is my Rainbows and Clouds sock yarn by Abi Grasso (knitpurlgirl on etsy).  Such vibrant wild staggering colors in this rainbow stripey sock yarn!! I canNOT wait to cast on. And isn’t that little rainbow stitch marker just darling???


I want to play with rainbows!!!! BUT, I must be a good girl and finish up this pair of socks.


Remember my Zitron Trekking Socks in Color #100?  I’m three rows away from the toe, so these babies will be done today!

This week I also finished up sock #1 Stimpylab Strong Sock in Angeleno.



How does Lynn dye these colors like that? It’s a mystery to me. 🙂

Here’s another Stimpylab sock I’ve got going.  This color is Vashon from the July 2013 Sock Club.  I’ve got #1 done and am working on the cuff of #2.


….and a closeup of #2


Words cannot describe the colors! Lynn is an artist.  Please go visit her shop and look at all her fun colorways.  She does custom orders so if you see something you want, send her a request!! Her next dye day is October 12th.  I’m maybe thinking of having her dye me up some Rave in a Haunted House for Halloween!

Annnnnnnd, on to the next project I have on the needles, and gasp!….it’s not a sock, or sock yarn…..It’s a cowl!!


This is the Eternity Scarf by Michelle Wang for Brooklyn Tweed. I’m knitting it in Malabrigo Worsted, colorway Polar Morn.  I’ve enjoyed this foray into non-sock knitting very much.  I forgot what it was like to knit with thicker yarn and bigger needles!! This pattern creates such a squishy huggable piece of heaven to wrap around your neck on cold days!  Don’t you want to just face-dive into that floofy texture? LOVE Malabrigo worsted!!! Definitely one of my favorite yarns ever!


I suppose I’m done for now.  I could show you more ridiculous projects I have going, but it would overwhelm you and me together.  Today is cloudy, chilly, and knittable. Have a great weekend and God Bless!

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